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Août 2010, Un homme effrayé par un Ovni à Carlisle en Angleterre

Peter Brockbank, of Newtown Road, has seen the orange lights appear in the night sky on three nights last week. The 65-year-old first spotted one of the glowing lights he describes as “inverted light bulbs” at about 10pm on Tuesday. “It took about five minutes to get out of sight. " I've never seen anything like it before.” The light returned around the same time on Thursday night. “But this time it was out of sight in about 90 seconds,” said Mr Brockbank. “It was very high up and appeared to be a long way away.” And on Saturday between 9.45pm and 10.30pm, Mr Brockbank and his son, Mark, saw five floating in the night sky. “I was glad Mark saw them too – I'm not going mad!” he added. Mr Brockbank said he has been in touch with Virgin, who run hot air balloon flights from the Lake District in a bid to shed light on the mystery. He said: “They had balloons up on Tuesday and Thursday, but they do not go up in the dark.” Mr Brockbank's home is close to the Cumberland Infirmary and often he sees the lights of helicopters flying people to the hospital. “But it's the sound – you can hear the helicopters." Sometimes it's almost as if they're coming in. But with these, there's no sound at all.” A possible explanation could be the trend for launching paper lanterns containing candles at parties. They can travel long distances before the flame goes out and can change direction quickly, making them look like UFOs. But Mr Brockbank is not convinced. “They were travelling at the same trajectory at the same time each night,” he said. “I'd like to know what they are and if anyone else has seen them.”

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Peter Brockbank


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