Ovni 21 décembre 2010 Ovnis en Vidéo à Hope Island, en Australie


A DOZEN Territorians have been abducted by extraterrestrial life - and they are "just the tip of the iceberg", an expert on paranormal activity says.

Mary Rodwell, founder of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network, said in her role as an hypnotherapist and counsellor for people with paranormal encounters she has come across "at least a dozen people from the Northern Territory", who had experienced encounters with "non-human beings"."I had people telling me they found strange little marks, bruises and scars on their bodies when they woke up in the morning."Many of the marks and scars fluoresce in ultraviolet light. They have time missing in their memory."People found themselves outside their house with all the doors locked from the inside, and they don't know how the hell they got there."Ms Rodwell said many people did not want to go public with their encounters, fearing they would be laughed at."Or they just don't know what to make of it," she said. "But this is real, this is not a fantasy. I don't have any doubts this is reality, we are being visited. "There is a lot of evidence out there for it (abductions). "The people who contacted me are just the tip of the iceberg; I am sure there are plenty more." The British-born counsellor said that most of the abduction reports came from "around the vicinity of Darwin". "It doesn't have to happen in isolated places, it happens everywhere - to articulate, credible people, who are not crazy. "Some people have seen things up close, like a beam of light that came down from a craft, or crafts sucking up water from dams or lakes." Ms Rodwell said many of the Territorians who had turned to her for help had not believed in UFOs or aliens until they had seen things "with their own eyes".

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