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Ovni Novembre 2010 OVNI filmé à Croydon en Angleterre. 2010 November UFO in East Croydon, England

On Halloween night, ghouls and witches weren't the only thing haunting Croydon's skies. East Croydon residents Malcolm and Kim were in their garden, taking pictures of their prize pumpkins, when they looked into the sky and saw several UFOs.

The slow, ethereal lights, drifted across the sky and formed into a line before the lead light shot off.

Malcolm said: "It was Halloween night and myself and my partner went outside to take photos of our pumpkins we had made and displayed on the window. "While we were outside we saw very strange aircraft lighting in a diamond shape.

"There were four lights to start. They started to form a straight line and then we noticed a fifth light. "The front one then disappeared while the other four slowed down drastically. "In the end they all faded out. "We know they were not fireworks because we know fireworks do not change speed nor stay in the sky for 10 minutes."Have a look and let us know what you think the lights are...

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